Using different wood finishes is an elegant substitute to the commonly used paint seen everywhere. It gives you a chance to be creative and provides something unique, long lasting, and capable of changing the overall look of an entire house, room, or area. Our high-quality wood products are manufactured using strict grading procedures. These processes allow us to maintain a very high grade finished products.

All our wood is sourced locally to support Canadian workers and the industry right here at home. We heat treat lumber in our Kiln Dry units to the desired moisture content and manufacture all our products in-house. Our tongue and groove designs are proprietary based on our industry experience, although with the naked eye you will not be able to tell the difference.


In the early days, paneling was developed to make houses feel more comfortable and to insulate different rooms. However, with the advancements in insulation technology, paneling is now used for decorative purposes. Having a room with wood paneling gives it a sophisticated look and an esthetic feel.

Based on your requirements, we can mill any size and type of product requested. Our most common sizes are 1X4, 1X6, 1X8, and are available in Tongue & Groove, Shiplap, Dutch Lap, Nickel Gap, Channel Rustic, Bevel, Clapboard, Log and Wavy Edge. For more information, please contact us.


We manufacture some of the finest Douglas Fir/Larch laminating stock (lamstock), which is used to make glulam, or glued laminated wood. We produce lamstock in standard L3 and Btr grades for high performance applications, all of which are manufactured to rigorous moisture content and surfacing tolerances. Our lamstock comes in sizes of 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12.


Our wood siding are available in a variety of patterns and finishes. Our personal favorite is the traditional look with a textured finish. It brings out the beauty of the wood and gives it that extra touch. Our siding is made using very strict industry standards for performance and appearance. This natural siding will bring about an organic beauty that is not found in mass-produced homes, bringing warmth to any architectural style for many years to come.


Our flooring is solid wood consisting of single pieces of wood with different groves which fit perfectly together. Installation of our flooring is done easily using nails hidden by each adjacent piece, giving a very flush and clean finish that is pleasing to the eye.


The ceiling is the overhead interior surface that is not structurally required but it is used as a decorative element. Using natural wood ceilings will bring an alternative to the basic ceilings used in houses and buildings. It will give any area a warm cozy feeling which together brings a combined package of being beautiful, practical and easy to install.


The wood used for outdoor decks and fences needs to be highly resistant to moisture and insects. Our wood is exceptionally durable due to our de-humidification process which takes the moisture content of the wood down 10%–12%. Drying also increases the amount of penetration preservatives have on the wood, particularly oil-based preservatives. Furthermore, drying wood increases the longevity of paints and finishes on the wood, thus increasing the overall life span of the product.