Health & Safety

Exposure Control Plan for COVID – 19

Pine profiles Inc. is committed to providing a safe workplace for all its employees, visiting clients or vendors, or any other guests. This Exposure Control Plan is the umbrella in regard to the battle against COVID – 19. The Corona Virus Mitigation Strategy lists combinations of preventative control measures that are to be used to eliminate & or minimize the risk of illness & or transmission of the coronavirus.

The plan aims to protect all persons present at Pine Profile Inc. and comply with the WorkSafe BC Act & Regulations.



To optimally utilize vital natural resources through a vertical integration of processes to deliver quality wood products to our customers. We endeavor to create a happy working environment for our employees based on the principles of mutual respect, teamwork, and work-life balance. We strive to make Pine Profiles a preferred employer by retaining the best industrial talent.




Symptoms of COVID – 19 may include

Transmission of COVID – 19


It is acknowledged that all workers have the right to refuse unsafe work WorkSafe BC Regulation 3.12

Controlling the risk

Chart from WorkSafe BC Guidelines.

Types of control measures that may be used:

Safe work procedures:

Written safe work procedures may be implemented. One example may be the Pine Profiles Inc. Mitigation Strategy.

Emergency response procedure for the First Aid Attendants.

Education & Training

As Pine Profile, we are focused on continuous learning and development of our employees. We conduct regular awareness and training sessions for our team members based on current or new requirements and expectations of our customers, safety measures, and regulatory compliance. Moreover, our procedures and best practices are periodically reviewed during our weekly crew talk and our operational processes are revised on continuous basis, if needed.

Health Monitoring

We expect our employees to promptly report on any symptoms of COVID – 19 to their manager and supervisor. Workers can complete the BC self-assessment tool if they have concerns and follow the assessment recommendation.

Record Keeping

Control of record are essential requirements of global quality standards. At Pine Profiles we keep appropriate record of all customers, employees, standard operating procedures, statement of health, and financial matters.

Statement of Health

A statement of health survey has been developed using questions from the government of BC COVID – 19 self-screening tools to aid in the identification of potentially infected persons & help in preventing the transmission of the virus. This can be downloaded at the following link to fill out and bring to the office.

COVID – 19

At this time, it is of most importance that we all do our part in preventing the transmission of the COVID – 19 Virus or any other illness. The following are best practices for you to follow while at Pine Profiles Inc. or at home.

Best Practices

While at Work