Hidden Valley Forest Products

We are a subsidiary of Pine Profiles Inc. As an independent, wholesale Firewood Supplier, we are based in the heart of the Kootenays operating out of Creston BC, Our kiln-dried Birch and various other types of seasoned firewood (Douglas Fir, Larch, Lodgepole Pine, Grand Fir, Balsam & Spruce) are not only popular for its timely availability locally in the Kootenay area, but also are quite popular in Alberta. One of our products, split firewood is cut to 16” lengths which can be customized in 14” or 12” lengths based on special requirements form our clients.

Contact us to fulfill all your firewood needs, we cater to both Large-sized distributors across Canada and also locally to individuals all year round

Our log sort yard spans over 10 acres. We have our own certified scale, and scaling facility to purchase local Sawlogs and firewood logs. This is complemented by over 30,000 sq. ft of storage building where we store our cut and split firewood. We also carry ¼ cord tote bags, camping-sized bags, kindling and chopping blocks.

North Idaho Energy Logs & Pellets

We are also a distributor of North Idaho Energy Logs & Super Premium Pellets. These logs and pellets have been produced using recycling wood waste since the 1930s. Both these products are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills (including Pine Profiles) and are a much cleaner burning fuel than traditional firewood. These are also a great alternative to traditional Firewood and are offered in full or 1/2 pallets or small sample sizes.