About Us

Pine Profiles Inc. is a specialty wood products manufacturing company located in the beautiful valley of Creston in British Columbia, Canada. We began operations in August 2004, and since then we have provided our products and services to large size lumber product producers, building material stores, construction contractors, homeowners, and distributors. We are well known in the industry for our exceptional quality, premier services, and timely delivery.

We specialize in wood products for panelling, ceiling, siding, decking, fencing & flooring, as well as custom moulding from the premier local softwood lumber species such as Douglas Fir, Larch, SPF [Spruce Pine Fir] & Cedar.


To ensure sustainable industrial growth and economic development of the local community with the focus on creating jobs and learning opportunities, keeping our ethical and moral values in view. We shall strive to leave a legacy of a healthy and clean environment for the future generation.


To optimally utilize the vital natural resources through vertical integration of processes to deliver quality wood products to our customers. We endeavour to create a happy working environment for our employees based on the principles of mutual respect, teamwork, and work-life balance. We shall make all possible efforts to make Pine Profiles a preferred employer by retaining best industrial talent.

Product Quality


Tracing back to the early 90’s, Pine Profile Inc. was just an idea conceived by a humble home renovator. Starting in his backyard, the plant manager, a perfectionist, was unable to find products that could meet his high standards at the available retail outlets. When he came upon a few as per his expectations, they were overpriced.

Consequently, he envisioned to start a wood re-manufacturing company in Creston Valley, the heart of high-quality timber species. The major objective was to manufacture the products following the strict quality control standards that could be offered at an affordable price. Fourteen years later, Pine Profile Inc. has expanded its list of satisfied customers by conforming to quality and product specifications.


We have a team of professionals with over 35 years of industrial experience. Pine Profile is known for maintaining high-quality standards as a result of which our customers have expanded locally and internationally at a rapid pace.

Starting in 2017, the company has changed its management due to the retirement of one of the founding partners. The vision of the new management is to generate a sustainable employment and improve economic development within the central Kootenay region by expanding and diversifying the business and catering to customer demands. Our team consists of individuals with extensive experience in Management, Engineering, and Lean Manufacturing. Meanwhile, our vendors and suppliers are all working together to support our mission and objectives.

We have a culture where everyone among our team members can bring different or innovative ideas to help us increase efficiencies in our workflows and allow us to provide the best quality products Guaranteed!